Minor bulk trades reflect slowing global economy

Minor bulk commodity movements have declined or stayed flat in 2023 so far amid a slowing global economy. Only bauxite has remained strong.

“However, the global economy still seems to be decelerating and the loss of momentum in China is especially concerning. In the absence of a clearer signal of much more sizeable stimulus measures in China, the risks to the minor bulk trades over the next several months are rising.” said MSI Associate Director Plamen Natzkoff. Read more at Lloydslist.

Next-generation wind turbines go beyond legacy lifting capabilities

Growth in size of offshore wind turbines drives need for larger lifting capacities. Using data produced by MSI, forecasting the total number of offshore wind projects to be installed per year, for both fixed and floating foundation windfarms, UK-based HLP believes project developers will struggle to meet demand, based on current logistics practices and equipment provision. Read more at Riviera

Shipyard capacity expected to expand amid push for dual-fuel orders

Demand for alternative fuel newbuildings will spur expansion of shipbuilding capacity, including bringing some of the collapsed yards back to life. But the boom seen in the 2000s, which later led to severe overcapacity problems, is unlikely to be repeated. The bounceback will mainly be led by demand for fresh tonnage using alternative marine fuels, especially those in the dry bulker and tanker sectors, said MSI managing director Adam Kent during a Sea Asia shipbuilding outlook seminar. Read more at Lloydslist