Dry bulk: Looking for a boost from the China factor

Fortunes rest on how China’s import demand holds up — but more often than not, the second half of the year has been more profitable than the first half.

Still, many participants await news of a meaningful stimulus package that may prop up the property sector and pull in more commodity imports.

“The elephant in the room is China,” said MSI’s dry bulk analyst Plamen Natzkoff. Read more at Lloydslist

‘After 15 years of bearishness, I’m getting bullish’: Tor Olav Trøim makes VLCC return

“After 15 years of bearishness, I’m getting bullish,” Tor Olav Trøim said recently, adding: “I look at supply and the orderbook for tankers and bulkers are at 30- to 40-year lows. There’s something interesting happening.”

The low state of the tanker orderbook was covered extensively at the recent New York Marine Money conference, including via a presentation given by Dr Adam Kent, managing director of MSI. Read more here Splash247.com

Minor bulk trades reflect slowing global economy

Minor bulk commodity movements have declined or stayed flat in 2023 so far amid a slowing global economy. Only bauxite has remained strong.

“However, the global economy still seems to be decelerating and the loss of momentum in China is especially concerning. In the absence of a clearer signal of much more sizeable stimulus measures in China, the risks to the minor bulk trades over the next several months are rising.” said MSI Associate Director Plamen Natzkoff. Read more at Lloydslist.