Bumpy road lies ahead for bulkers

There has been hope in the market that rules such as EEXI will help support bulker demand relative to vessel supply as the trading fleet reduces its speed.

But analysis by Maritime Strategies International (MSI) suggests that any supportive effects will be offset by the unwinding of port congestion, which will release ships back into the market. Read more at TradeWinds

Potential shortage of feeder container ships threatens intra-Med trades

Newbuildings are needed to mitigate the impact of environmental legislation on older boxship fleet. Tougher environmental legislation and an ageing fleet could soon result in a feeder container ship shortage in the Mediterranean. A quarterly review by analyst Maritime Strategies International (MSI) highlights a scenario that it argues will need to be resolved through a dedicated newbuilding programme by regional operators. Read more at TradeWinds

Mediterranean markets face ‘potential feeder containership shortage’

The impact of environmental regulations on an older fleet could tighten available tonnage in southern Europe, according to Daniel Richards from MSI. Dedicated newbuild contracting by regional Mediterranean owners will have to increase in the coming years to replace ageing vessels removed from the fleet as progressively tighter environmental regulations come into force. Read more at Splash247.com