Trajectory of soaring newbuild prices divides opinion

The trajectory of newbuild prices which have soared up by as much as 50% in less than three years is dividing experts with owners facing tricky decisions on when to kickstart fleet renewal programmes ahead of stricter 2030 green targets for shipping agreed at the International Maritime Organization this July.

MSI believes that newbuild prices might finally cool down over the next couple of years, a point of view not widely shared with shipbroking houses. Read more at

Thousands of ships could use LNG as fuel. Is that a good thing?

The shipping industry has placed a massive bet on liquefied natural gas as an alternative fuel — as a bridge between traditional fuel oil and whatever comes next, whether it’s methanol, ammonia, hydrogen or something else. Shipowners have spent billions of dollars fitting ships to burn LNG.

MSI Managing Director, Adam Kent, contributes his thoughts to this article published in Freightwaves

‘After 15 years of bearishness, I’m getting bullish’: Tor Olav Trøim makes VLCC return

“After 15 years of bearishness, I’m getting bullish,” Tor Olav Trøim said recently, adding: “I look at supply and the orderbook for tankers and bulkers are at 30- to 40-year lows. There’s something interesting happening.”

The low state of the tanker orderbook was covered extensively at the recent New York Marine Money conference, including via a presentation given by Dr Adam Kent, managing director of MSI. Read more here