Dividend resumption ‘a sign of confidence’ in offshore rig market, says Barclays

In a recent report published by MSI they said the improving rig market was incentivising the reactivation of cold-stacked tonnage, but that operators remained “disciplined in their approach”. “Rig owners differ materially in their approach and attitudes towards their stacked fleets,” said MSI’s Offshore and Energy Analyst Pradip Adhikari. Read more at TradeWinds

Shipyard capacity expected to expand amid push for dual-fuel orders

Demand for alternative fuel newbuildings will spur expansion of shipbuilding capacity, including bringing some of the collapsed yards back to life. But the boom seen in the 2000s, which later led to severe overcapacity problems, is unlikely to be repeated. The bounceback will mainly be led by demand for fresh tonnage using alternative marine fuels, especially those in the dry bulker and tanker sectors, said MSI managing director Adam Kent during a Sea Asia shipbuilding outlook seminar. Read more at Lloydslist