Yards toy with adding capacity

Amid a record ordering boom – and with an eye on fleet renewal ahead of IMO 2050 – shipbuilders are looking at expansion for the first time in a decade.

MSI Director Stuart Nicoll states that “physical capacity tends not to disappear as yards are either mothballed or put to work on other forms of heavy industry, effective capacity is a lot easier and quicker to bring back online when markets improve, though one limiting factor can be the availability of a trained workforce“. Read more views at Splash247

Shipyards face cancellations over weak freight market and interest rates

Yards have built up a large order backlog, with deliveries scheduled up until 2026. This means that construction of most vessels on order will start in the next two years, when buyers will start to pay the remaining ship price. MSI is currently expecting to see an increase in cancellations amid rising interest rates and slowing economic growth. Read more at Lloydslist.

Lack of free tonnage keeps charter market insulated against freight rate falls

While a softening in consumer demand has weakened global freight rates, the containership charter markets are largely insulated, due to the absence of open tonnage and the duration of time charters.

Although there are signs of the red-hot charter market cooling, particularly in the smaller sizes, and some loss of appetite for multi-year fixtures, MSI’s suggests there is no immediate signs of major corrections. Read more in The Loadstar

MSI adds environmental benchmarking tool to HORIZON vessel data platform

MSI has added a new tool, Environmental Credentials, to its FMV output, enabling users to understand the performance of their vessels and fleets – and those of their competitors. The new service provides estimated ratings against the International Maritime Organization’s EEXI and CII regulations to 2026 and Annual Efficiency Ratios for 2020 and 2021 measured against the Poseidon Principles trajectory and a ‘zero emissions’ scenario by 2050. Read more here Hellenic Shipping News

How EEXI and CII will impact the S&P market

Decarbonisation programmes set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), shipping’s regulatory body, will be one of the most difficult tasks for the industry in the coming years. This starts with the implementation of the EEXI, and CII criteria, all of which aim to reduce carbon intensity and will impact prices of the existing fleet. The first phase begins in January 2023. Read more in Splash Extra