Thousands of ships could use LNG as fuel. Is that a good thing?

The shipping industry has placed a massive bet on liquefied natural gas as an alternative fuel — as a bridge between traditional fuel oil and whatever comes next, whether it’s methanol, ammonia, hydrogen or something else. Shipowners have spent billions of dollars fitting ships to burn LNG.

MSI Managing Director, Adam Kent, contributes his thoughts to this article published in Freightwaves

Dividend resumption ‘a sign of confidence’ in offshore rig market, says Barclays

In a recent report published by MSI they said the improving rig market was incentivising the reactivation of cold-stacked tonnage, but that operators remained “disciplined in their approach”. “Rig owners differ materially in their approach and attitudes towards their stacked fleets,” said MSI’s Offshore and Energy Analyst Pradip Adhikari. Read more at TradeWinds