Is ROSCO bulker fleet undervalued?

As reported by TradeWinds and others earlier this year, the 11 bulkers owned by Redwood Ocean Shipping Co. (ROSCO) are up for sale to the highest bidder as the owner seeks to move away from owning assets. An initial en-bloc price of $185Mn was mooted in February and reports are now suggesting a deal for $177Mn has fallen through.

Running the ROSCO fleet through MSI’s Forecast Marine eValuator (which provides current quarter, 5-year history and 15-year forecast across asset values, rates and opex) reveals that the fleet may be a good deal for the right owner…

MSI’s current value for the fleet is $187.5Mn, forecast to appreciate to around $200Mn by 2020, representing a prompt, positive return on asset values.

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